Trojan Horse Removal In Three Easy Steps

Trojan Horse removal can be one of the most difficult of computer viruses to overcome. They take refuge in spyware and adware and disguise themselves to the point that they are hard to recognize, hence the name Trojan Horse. This is why most general virus scan software programs have a miserable time removing them.

The easiest way to rid of them is to obtain a quality anti spyware, anti adware software and let it do the work for you. If you are trying to save money by either doing it yourself or by getting free anti spyware to remove it, be extremely careful. When doing it yourself, executable files can be impacted thus creating bigger problems for you. The problem with free software is often you accept the injection of more adware on your system via accepting the EULA (End User License Agreement) since most people rarely take the time to read what the cost of free is!

A few of the many symptoms telling you Trojan Horse removal may be needed include:

1. Files opening randomly

2. Slow computer problems are common

3. Websites come up that you did not request

4. Your standard homepage is hijacked and another site is present (often adult content)

5. Autoloader Toolbars emerge and pop-ups are common

6. Mouse cursor leaves a shadow or the right and left buttons are reversed

7. Navigation options, for example, Windows start button, disappear

8. Your PC reboots and possibly turns off on its own

9. Alt + Control + Delete does not work

10. Your internet speed drags

If you suspect that you have the need for Trojan Horse removal, follow the three steps to follow:

Step One: Take Notes of the Symptoms and Problems you Have Experienced

There is a method to the madness. By logging your PC problems on paper, you will have a better idea of what results come from the later steps in this process. In other words, you will have a pre and post list of what you experienced and how many of the issues are cleared by the repair.

Write down everything that you can think of related to your computer. Obviously it is not all related to Trojan Horse viruses, but that will give you some other issues you can research later. Plus, a good scan and repair might resolve the issues anyway even if they are not related to the Trojans infections.

Step Two: Complete a Free Scan with a Quality Spyware Utility

It can be overwhelming choosing a quality product to use for this process, but you will be guided in the right direction. To be entirely honest, there are a variety of great products that can assist you in this process. To be effective the software just needs to perform decently across a number of categories vital to Trojan Horse removal.

When deciding on a quality product to use seek software that is simple to comprehend, one that contains complete help files (either local or online), an extensive definitions (solutions) database, and look for a product with great reviews and little bad online coverage.

When you decide on software to use for the free scan, just download the software interface and do the most complete scan offered. The scan will determine what errors exist and will show you the severity level of the threats.

Step Three: If Problems are Found, Simply Purchase the Repair Function in the Software

Once the download and scan are complete, you have already completed 99 percent of the process. The only remaining issue is the repair, which takes just seconds once you purchase such functions. It is important to notice the severity of the threats found. These are the ones that will create the biggest problems on your system.

Whether you find tons of errors or only a few, a good Trojan Horse removal product is always good to have on an annual basis because the same tool will remove spyware, adware, malware, key-loggers, worms, pop-up generators, and other parasites that attach to your system. Get in a good habit of running the scan and repair as often as convenient.

Many products preach something called real time protection. This feature is highly hyped but most of the products that have this function use up your system resources and kill performance and speed on your computer. You are better off looking for a product with a huge definitions database of 250,000 or more solutions files that can detect and remove problems fro you on the first round.

After completing Trojan Horse removal, adware, spyware, malware and other threats, it is good practice to restart your computer to allow the changes to apply. Keep in mind that it is rare to get rid of 100 percent of the problems, especially on the first scan. Remember that threats are an ongoing problem and you need to just be consistent and keep the software on your system and use it often.

If you continue to experience problems, it may be good to add a good triple protection to your system including quality registry repair software, a solid general virus scan, and of course anti spyware as discussed in this article. You should notice a huge difference with just one type of software but with all three you will be much further ahead.

By: Daryl 

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